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Financial Planning and

 Wealth Management

 For Busy Professional Families 

Achieve the financial harmony you are looking for


Our Mission

You are a busy working professional.  You have a family and want to provide the best life for you, your spouse, and your children.  You have concerns about paying the bills, saving for your kids education, and building a comfortable nest egg for retirement.  You wish you could manage your family's financial plan yourself but you don't have the time or the desire to do so.  You want to partner with a financial planner who listens, understands, and is committed to helping you reach your family's goals. 

Attune means "to bring into harmony".  Attune Financial Planning  was formed with this purpose in mind and to help people just like you.   We are dedicated to help you meet your commitments and reach your financial goals.

Attune Financial Planing is a Fee-Only firm based in San Rafael, California and we serve clients throughout Marin County and the greater Bay Area.

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