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We believe that Markets are efficient and that in the long-run it is difficult to consistently do better than the overall Market.

Investment Portfolio Management

We offer Investment Portfolio Management to our  Wealth Management clients who have completed an Initial Financial Plan.

We will work together to come up with your overall investment strategy.  We add the most value by assuming responsibility of the day to day management of your investment strategy so you can do what you do best:  caring for your family.

In a well-constructed portfolio, each investment should fulfill a specific function and be right for your personal situation. Before implementing any recommendations on your behalf, we will:

  • Thoroughly discuss your goals with you before making any recommendations
  • Look at the financial risks you are already taking before determining your appropriate level of investment risk
  • Review all your accounts to determine an appropriate asset allocation and asset location (which investments should be in which accounts)
  • Recommend the real estate exposure you need to achieve long-term financial stability
  • Integrate tax planning with your investment strategy to produce a higher after-tax return

Core Investment Philosophy

The fundamental core of our investment philosophy lies in the belief that Markets are efficient and that in the long-run it is difficult to consistently do better than the overall Market.  This approach is based on the work of Nobel Prize winning economists whose studies have proven that the how your investments are allocated (mix between stocks, bonds, and cash), are the most important determining factor in how well your investments will perform over the long-run.   In other words a well diversified portfolio is the key to long-term success.  Every portfolio that we build and manage on your behalf follows these 10 core principles:

  1.   We embrace Market pricing
  2.   We don't try to outguess the Market
  3.   We resist chasing past performance
  4.   We let the Markets work for you
  5.   We diversify across the five dimensions of expected returns
  6.   We diversify globally
  7.   We avoid Market timing
  8.   We help you manage your emotions
  9.   We look beyond the headlines
  10.   We focus on what can be controlled

Primary Investment Sources

Whenever possible, we will incorporate the use of low cost investments from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), Vanguard and State Street*.  The use of DFA funds are only available to DFA approved advisors.

 Learn more about Dimensional Fund Advisors

*Attune Financial Planning is a California Registered Investment Advisor.   Investments made on behalf of clients are made with it's Custodian Charles Schwab.