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Wealth Management Fee Structure 

Comprehensive Fee Structure

Attune Financial Planning is a Fee-Only firm.   We do not receive commissions, referral fees, or third-party incentives of any kind.  We are committed to serving you in a fiduciary capacity and we work on behalf of your interests only. 

One of our main priorities is to ensure the protection and growth of your financial assets so that you can meet your current obligations and achieve your long-term life goals.  Therefore, our annual  management fees are based primarily on the investments we manage on your behalf - your investable assets under management (AUM).

The annual fee is designed to be comprehensive and includes both investment management and comprehensive financial planning.   Depending on your financial situation, your  annual fee will be  based on your investable assets under management (AUM),  on a fixed annual fee, or a combination of both. 

AUM Fee Schedule

Assets Under Management (AUM)
Annual Fee
Up to $1,000,000
Next $500,000.80%
Next $500,000.50%
Next $2,000,000.25%
Amounts Above $4,000,000Negotiable

Fees are paid quarterly and calculated based on the total account value on the last day of the previous quarter.  For example, an account with a value of $1,200,000 would pay an effective fee of 0.97%. This is determined by the following calculation: ($1,000,000 x 1.00%) + ($200,000 x .80%) = $11,600.  The quarterly fee will be $2,900  ($11,600  divided by  4).  

We charge a minimum quarterly fee of $1,875.

The quarterly fee is usually deducted automatically from client accounts at Charles Schwab but can be billed to the client directly via PayPal if necessary or preferred.

Attune Financial Planning holds all clients' investment accounts at our custodian, Charles Schwab.   Charles Schwab will also charge transaction and processing fees.  These fees are in addition to our management fees.