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All-Inclusive Fee Structure 

Comprehensive Fee Structure

Attune Financial Planning is a Fee-Only firm.  We do not receive commissions, referral fees, or third-party incentives of any kind.  Our annual fee for services  include both comprehensive financial planning and investment management.   We do not charge a separate initial financial plan fee or any hourly fees for on-going planning services.  

 Annual fee schedule:

On the first $1,00,000 of assets under management
On the next $500,000
On the next $500,000
On assets over $2,000,000

The growth and protection of your hard earned savings is the key to the success of your financial plan.  It is vital that they are managed carefully and with your best interest in mind.  It is for this reason that your annual comprehensive financial planning fees are based primarily on the investments we are managing on your behalf.

Fees are calculated at the beginning of each quarter and is based on the total value of your investments on the last day of the prior quarter.   The quarterly fee is then deducted directly from your  account(s) at TD Ameritrade.  

There is no specific investment minimums to work with us.  However, our services typically work best with households that  meet our client profile.  

Depending on the level of investments managed on your behalf, you may be subject to an annual fixed fee which is calculated based on your unique financial situation. The annual fee is billed quarterly and can be paid directly from your personal bank account.

The annual fixed fee is generally waived when investable assets exceed $750,000.