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Helping You Stay on the Right Financial Course

Ongoing financial planning and investment management services

On-Going Financial Assistance

Upon the completion of your Initial Financial Plan, we will work together to ensure there continues to be a harmonious relationship between your goals and investments.  Our Firm will act as your guide, monitor your progress, and help you to maintain focus on your personal and financial goals.  Because unanticipated events occur and priorities shift over time, we will meet regularly to review your Financial Life Plan to make sure it remains relevant to your life journey.

During the first 12 months we will meet  as often as necessary by phone, email or in person to ensure your Initial Financial Plan have been implemented successfully.

 In the on-going years we can expect to have 2 to 4 in-person or virtual meetings together annually to discuss your Plan and make changes or adjustments as necessary.  We will continuously monitor your progress and react to any changes to your personal circumstances that warrant a change in strategy.

There are two major components:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Continuing Advice, as delivered by your Initial Financial Plan
  • Full implementation of your Initial Financial Plan's action items
  • Regular progress meetings to review your situation, adjust your Plan and to provide mutual  accountability
  • Planning and coordination in all areas that affect your life (Planning Services)
  • Professional guidance with your outside investments (401K, 403B, Pensions, stock options, etc.) so that they are coordinated with your overall investment strategy and  long term goals
  • Access to your exclusive financial planning tools (Client Tools)
  • Coordination with other Professionals like your Accountant, Attorney, Realtor, etc.

Investment Management

  • Assistance in creating, implementing, and adjusting your investment strategy that is in alignment with your Initial Financial Plan and long term objectives.
  • Assistance with account transfers and consolidations
  • Advisory Fees debited directly from your accounts at TD Ameritrade
  • Implementation with the use of low cost Vanguard and Dimensional Funds
  • Regular investment reporting including Monthly custodial statements, quarterly performance Reports,  and Quarterly Net Worth Reports

Learn More About Our Investment Philosophy

The entire process is designed to reflect our belief that effective financial planning is a continuing process of engagement, not a one-time event.