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Flexible Fee Structure 

Designed with your family in mind

Comprehensive Planning Fee Structure

The annual fee for comprehensive financial planning services is based on a percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM) and / or an annual fixed planning fee.   Structuring the fee schedule in this manner allows us to work with households at various income and investment asset levels.  

The fees for your specific situation will be discussed further in our introductory meeting.  

Percentage of assets under management

The growth and protection of your investment assets are the key to the success of your financial plan.  It is vital that they are managed carefully and with your best interest in mind.  It is for this reason that your fees are based primarily on your investments.  

The AUM Fee starts at 1% for the first $500,000 with a minimum annual fee of $1,500.

Fixed Annual Financial Planning Fee

A fixed annual planning fee can work especially well for mid career level families as they tend to have complex financial planning needs, want financial planning assistance, and have the income to pay for financial planning services.  However, they might not have a large amount of investment savings established as a majority of their net worth is tied up in their homes or company retirement plans. 

The annual fee is based on your income and complexity of your financial situation with a minimum annual fee of $2,500.

Project Basis

If a full comprehensive financial planning engagement is not desired or warranted,  we can work with you on a limited project basis.  The scope and cost of the project will be discussed and agreed upon in our complimentary meeting.